I am originally from Louisville Kentucky, and where I first started working in clay. While studying ceramics at the University of Louisville, Utah State University,  and travelling abroad in China and Australia, I was able to focus my research and work with a wide range of raw materials and clay bodies. The surfaces I am most drawn to and inspire my current line of work are achieved by reduction cooling with a wood kiln.  The majority of my wares are unglazed, letting the clay play a large role in the finished wood fired surfaces. 

I now live and work in my home studio in Manassas Virginia.  I fire my kiln about four times a year, and am still regularly testing new materials and forms. 



Slip and Glaze Recipes

Red Art                                 100%

goes from a shiny black – red


Laterite                                 100%

goes various shades of purple, less

frequently dark green


Newmans Red                    100%

Seems always slightly drier than the other two. Good reds.


Local Tests                         100%

Any high iron locally occurring clay is worth trying,  and adjust with feldspar when needed.

Johnston Dry Shino Glaze

Neph Sy                               39

Spodumene                          29

EPK                                     29

Soda Ash                             3

-- thinly applied


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